6th Oct. Lathom School Harvest Fair - at the school 12noon.

              Lathom Park Cof E School will once again be holding their annual Harvest Fair. The Chapel                    will be having a Cake Stall. If you would like to donate a cake or help on the stall, please                    speak  to either Judith Webster or Margaret Gardner who will be organising the stall this                    year.

                 Please come along and support the school & the Chapel.

                 It is a lovely afternoon                 


7th October Civic Service - 11am


Friday 12th Oct Volunteers required to decorate the Chapel at 1pm please!


14th October 11am Harvest Festival. Bring & Share Lunch


11th November 10.45am Remembrance Sunday - Rev Lin Camp

                              4.00PM Short Act of Remembrance Service - The Vicar

The Chapel will be open all afternoon to commemorate the 100th anniversary since the end of the 1st WW with various exhibitions, photos relating to The Remount Depot at Lathom Park and the Skelmersdale Prize Band will be playing appropriate music from 2pm.  Click on link below


                                                      Remembrance Story


How Much Does It Cost To Run Lathom Park Chapel? - £105.74 per day

                                                                                                    £742.23 per week

                                                                                                    £3,216.33 per month

What is the Parish Share? It is our share of the direct costs of the local ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool. 80% of the cost of local ministry is paid by Parish Share, the remaining 20% is paid by the national church. The amount we pay is worked out by the Diocese.

Parish Share does not pay the general running costs of St James House(Admin centre of the Liverpool Diocese); these costs are raised by the Diocesan Board of Finance from fees, investments and other sources







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